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  1. 12 Port Gigabit Passive PoE Injector

    Dealer Excl VAT: R1,050.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R1,388.63
    The POE-12G is a panel which integrates 12 gigabit passive POE injectors and is suitable for powering up to 12 devices with integrated PoE splitter. Output power range 24 – 57V.

  2. 16 Port Gigabit Passive PoE Injector

    Dealer Excl VAT: R1,250.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R1,653.13
    The POE-16G, 16 port Gigabit PoE panel features and flexible power (DC 18 - 57V) and can be used with any Ethernet switch. The RJ45 socket delivers data and power. Each socket provides current protection against short overflow. The configuration size of the panel is 1U (height), 19” (width) and 52mm (thickness).

  3. 24 Port 10/100 Passive PoE Injector

    Dealer Excl VAT: R595.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R786.89
    The POE-24 is a 24 port passive POE injector panel. The panel can supply 12V - 57V depending on the power supply connected to it. It has a maximum current protection of 1000mA(+10%-10%) per port and is capable of 10/100 transmission speeds. The unit can be rack-mounted and only takes up 1U of cabinet space.

  4. 8 Port Gigabit Passive PoE Injector DC

    Dealer Excl VAT: R325.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R429.81

    Use this 8 Port Passive Gigabit PoE injector to power up to 8 Passive Gigabit PoE devices through a single power source. Ideal for powering AP's, IP cameras or VoIP phones.

  5. MikroTik Cloud 9xCore SFP PC Router | CCR1009-7G-1C-PC

    Dealer Excl VAT: R5,295.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R7,002.64
    TNW's RB-CCR1009PC, 9-core Cloud Core Router by MikroTik RouetBOARD is equipped with passive cooling enclosure, two heat-pipes and a specially designed heat-sink, so it runs completely silent. It’s powered by an external 24V 2.5A AC/DC adapter and supports power redundancy if you also power it from the PoE input port. With no switch-chip - the device features only fully independent Ethernet ports each with a direct connection to the CPU, allowing full potential utilization of CPU processing power on ports. The combo-port is a single 1Gbit software interface that has two hardware interfaces - an SFP cage and a Gigabit Ethernet port, allowing you to use any type of connection available to you. It is also possible to switch between both physical interfaces in RouterOS. In an event of disconnection, the combo-port provides a hardware fail-over feature. This device supports 100BASE-LX/100BASE-SX/100BASE-BX fiber modules, as well as standard 1.25G SFP modules. It also offers more throughput with the ports being directly connected to the CPU.

  6. MikroTik Gigabit Passive PoE Injector

    Dealer Excl VAT: R40.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R52.90
    The POE-GIG, MikroTik Gigabit PoE adapter is designed to power any RouterBOARD over Gigabit Ethernet. Simply connect your power source and then use an Ethernet cable to connect the injector to the RouterBOARD device.

  7. MikroTik Rack Mount SFP Router | RB3011UiAS-RM

    Dealer Excl VAT: R2,295.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R3,035.14
    TNW's RB-3011UIASRM by MikroTik RouterBoard is a multi-port device which runs an ARM architecture CPU for higher performance. The RB3011 has ten Gigabit ports divided in two switch groups, an SFP cage and a SuperSpeed full size USB 3.0 port, for adding storage or an external 3G/4G modem. The unit features a 1U rack-mount enclosure, a touchscreen LCD panel, a serial console port and PoE output functionality on the last Ethernet port

  8. MikroTik SXT Outdoor LTE CPE 9dBi | RBSXTR&R11e

    Dealer Excl VAT: R1,595.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R2,109.39
    MikroTik RouterBoard's RB-SXTLTE is made to improve signal levels for maximum performance and is ideal for remote locations where cellular coverage is limited. Designed to be installed outdoors with embedded Qualcomm Atheros LTE chipset and integrated MIMO antennas which do not suffer from additional cable losses. In comparison with the first generation model, the SXT LTE kit is powered by a more powerful CPU, supports 150Mbps download speeds with built-in support for 2G and 3G and now supports International LTE Bands (1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 20, 38 and 40.) The unit is equipped with two Ethernet ports, the second offering passive PoE passthrough allowing you to power up another device. The unit is shipped with a 24V power supply, but supports PoE input of 18-57V and is 802.3af/at compliant.

  9. Passive PoE Injector and Splitter Set DC

    Dealer Excl VAT: R25.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R33.06
    The POE-KIT, contains two parts, INJECTOR and SPLITTER. It is suitable to use with devices which do not support PoE.

  10. PoE Injector with LED DC input

    Dealer Excl VAT: R23.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R30.42

    The POE, Power over Ethernet (PoE) Passive Injector delivers both data and electrical power to passive PoE devices using a single Ethernet cable.

  11. Tenda 10 Port Ethernet Switch with 8 Port PoE

    Dealer Excl VAT: R950.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R1,256.38
    Tenda's TEF1110P-8-102W is a 8-Port10/100Mbps+2 Gigabit Desktop Switch with 8 PoE ports, 6KV Port Lightning Protection and is ideal for use in long distance transmission. It features 99W maximum PoE Output Power, up to 30W PoE power per PoE port.

  12. Tenda 1000Mbps WiFi Powerline Kit P3+PA6

    Dealer Excl VAT: R750.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R991.88
    Tenda's PH5 wiFi Powerline kit features a new generation Broadcom Powerline chipset and Homeplug AV2 technology, offering users transmission speed of up to 1000Mbps.

  13. Tenda 16 Port 2 Uplink Smart PoE Switch 230W

    Dealer Excl VAT: R2,395.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R3,167.39
    Tenda's TEF1218P, a web smart PoE switch, is ideal for use in a wireless-monitoring type network where long-distance transmission is required. It offers 6000V port lightning protection, and up to 40W power per PoE port.

  14. Tenda 16 Port Ethernet Switch with 16 Port PoE

    Dealer Excl VAT: R1,550.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R2,049.88
    Tenda's TEF1118P-16-150W is a PoE switch that offers 16x 10/100 Mbps Base-TX RJ45 ports, 1x 10/100/1000 Mbps Base-T RJ45 ports, and 1x 1000 Mbps Base-X SFP port. Ports 1-16 comply with the IEEE 802.3af standard (maximum PoE power output: 15.4 W) and 802.3at standard (maximum PoE power output: 30 W). The switch offers a maximum PoE power output of 135 W and can supply power to, and exchange data with, AP's, IP cameras, and IP phones supporting the 802.3af/at standard. It also provides simple management modes such as CCTV (QOS on ports 1-8), VLAN (Port Isolation) and Extender mode (250m PoE at 10mbps). The switch also provides 6KV lighting protection.

  15. Tenda 16-Port Fast Ethernet Desktop Switch

    Dealer Excl VAT: R250.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R330.63
    The S16 by Tenda is a 16-port Desktop Ethernet switch that supports Auto MDI/MDI-X, NWAY auto-negotiation with 4K MAC address auto-learning/-aging.

  16. Tenda 16-Port Fast Ethernet Rack Mount Switch

    Dealer Excl VAT: R425.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R562.06

    Tenda's TEF1016D, 16-Port 10/100 Switch is designed to provide a simple, cost-effective solution for expanding a SMB, school or campus network. Connect this 16-port switch to a router and add up to twenty three more computers or other Ethernet-based devices such as a printer, Network-Attached Storage (NAS), or Internet camera to increase the functionality of your network. Housed in sturdy metal case, it is ideal for years of dependable use.

    With it's 100-Mbps speed, a switching capacity of up to 3.2Gbps and non-blocking wire speed forwarding, the TEF1016D meets the performance requirements for a high-speed, reliable network.

  17. Tenda 16-Port Gigabit Rack Mount Switch

    Dealer Excl VAT: R775.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R1,024.94
    Tenda's TEG1016D is a 16-Port, Gigabit, rack-mount switch. With it's Broadcom StrataConnect-series integrated Silicon chip, which is based on ARM-high performance, this unmanaged Gigabit Switch can be applied according to the user's required advanced Gigabit applications. It features 16 10/100/1000M Ethernet ports and is compatible with IEEE 802.3az standards. It's front and back radiators ensures reliability even in extreme temperatures.

  18. Tenda 2-Port Gigabit Wi-Fi Powerline Extender

    Dealer Excl VAT: R595.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R786.89
    Tenda's PA6 powerline extender gives you the ability to create a fast home network using the electrical wiring in your house. This means you can take your Internet around your house without losing much performance. Creating a powerline home network is as easy as plugging the PA6 into a power socket to access stable, high-speed data transfer rates of up to 1000Mbps via powerline and up to 300Mbps wireless transmission rate via it's two Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired devices like smart TV's and gaming consoles - Ideal for HD Video Streaming, large file transfers and other high-bandwidth applications.

  19. Tenda 200M Powerline Fast Ethernet Bridge

    Dealer Excl VAT: R195.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R257.89
    Tenda's P200 enables you to set-up a home or office network with minimum effort and cost, the Tenda 200Mbps Powerline Adapter P200 is allows home or office power circuitry to be used to extend network connections from your broadband router. You can easily and instantly create a power-line network of up to 200Mbps. The QoS feature prioritises your bandwidth intensive applications for a lag-free experience.

  20. Tenda 200M Wireless Powerline Ethernet Bridge

    Dealer Excl VAT: R350.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R462.88
    The P200W Powerline Wireless N300 Extender, by Tenda, uses the existing electrical wiring at your home to create a wireless network. It also extends your powerline network to every corner of your house without the mess of cables.

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