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  1. MikroTik hEX Lite Desktop SOHO Router | RB750r2

    Dealer Excl VAT: R525.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R694.31
    TNW's RB-750R2 (hEX lite), by MikroTik RouterBOARD is a small five port ethernet router in a practical plastic case. It is well priced and the perfect choice when it comes to managing your wired home network. No more compromise between price and features - RB750r2 has both. With its compact design and clean looks, it will fit perfectly into any SOHO environment.

  2. MikroTik hAP lite SOHO 2GHz WiFi Router | RB941-2nD

    Dealer Excl VAT: R275.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R363.69
    TNW's RB-HAPL, HAP (home Access Point) Light by MikroTik RouterBOARD is an ideal little device for your apartment, house or office. It supports button triggered WPS, eliminating the need for visitors or once-off users to type complicated passwords to gain wireless Internet access. It can also be made to change to cAP mode and join a CAPsMAN centrally managed network by the push of a button. Of course, the device runs RouterOS with all the features, bandwidth shaping, firewall, user access control and many others. The hAP lite is equipped with a powerful 650MHz CPU, 32MB RAM, dual chain 2.4GHz onboard wireless, four Fast Ethernet ports and a RouterOS L4 license. USB power supply is included.

  3. MikroTik hAP 2GHz WiFi Router | RB951Ui-2nD

    Dealer Excl VAT: R550.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R727.38
    TNW's RB-hAP by MikroTik RouterBOARD is a small home access point, ideal for homes or small offices where all you need is a wireless AP to which you can connect a few wired devices. Based on MikroTik's RB951-2n, the new hAP offers several improvements. The device can be powered from the power jack or with passive PoE from a PoE injector. The power adapter is included. The hAP is preconfigured, so all you need to do, is plug in the internet cable, the power, and start using the internet by connecting to the MikroTik network.

  4. 6mm Nail-in Anchor

    Dealer Excl VAT: R0.60 Retail Inc. VAT: R0.79
    the 6mm Anchor is placed through the object and into the wall where after the nail is driven in all the way to enable expansion of the sleeve inside the hole. The same size hole should be drilled in the object and the surface it’s mounted to.


    Dealer Excl VAT: R549.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R726.05
    The USB 2.0 Display Extension Kit allows you to connect up to 6 monitors or projector to a computer with a USB 2.0 port. The additional DVI to VGA and DVI to HDMI converters further enhance the choices of monitors you have to extend the display.

  6. 12V7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

    Dealer Excl VAT: R175.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R231.44
    The 12V Sealed Acid Battery allows for back-up power in the case of loss of power to the client site or high-site.

  7. Power Supply CCTV 9 Way 12VDC 8 Amp Power Store

    Dealer Excl VAT: R835.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R1,104.29
    This Securi-Prod PS64-3 is a 9 Way 8 AMP Power Distribution Box with battery back-up (Battery supplied separately).

  8. Power Supply CCTV 18 Way 12VDC 20 Amp

    Dealer Excl VAT: R924.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R1,221.99
    This Securi-Prod PS69 is a 18 Way 20 AMP Power Distribution Box.

  9. Power Supply CCTV 9 Way 12VDC 9 Amp

    Dealer Excl VAT: R729.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R964.10
    This Securi-Prod PS64-2 is a 9 Way 10 AMP Power Distribution Box.

  10. Power Supply CCTV 9 Way 12VDC 5 Amp

    Dealer Excl VAT: R553.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R731.34
    This Securi-Prod PS64-1 is a 9 Way 5 AMP Power Distribution Box.

  11. Cat6 Solid FTP Network Cable

    Dealer Excl VAT: R9.68 Retail Inc. VAT: R12.80
    The CAT6 shielded cable will protect your network from devastating electrostatic discharge (ESD) attacks. The CAT6 cable also includes a crosstalk separator to increase noise immunity on the line itself.

  12. RJ45 Barrel Connector Female to Female

    Dealer Excl VAT: R10.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R13.23
    The RJ45A, Cat5e UTP Through Coupler by TNW features a dual colour-coded wiring label with both T568A/B wiring pattern. It features a rear termination field for easy termination of a jack while installed in a wall plate, surface mount boxes and patch panels for a wide variety of applications.

  13. Passive PoE Injector and Splitter Set DC

    Dealer Excl VAT: R25.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R33.06
    The POE-KIT, contains two parts, INJECTOR and SPLITTER. It is suitable to use with devices which do not support PoE.

  14. 8 Port Gigabit Passive PoE Injector DC

    Dealer Excl VAT: R225.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R297.56

    Use this 8 Port Passive Gigabit PoE injector to power up to 8 Passive Gigabit PoE devices through a single power source. Ideal for powering AP's, IP cameras or VoIP phones.

  15. PoE Injector with LED DC input

    Dealer Excl VAT: R25.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R33.06

    The POE, Power over Ethernet (PoE) Passive Injector delivers both data and electrical power to passive PoE devices using a single Ethernet cable.

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