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  1. 12V7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

    Dealer Excl VAT: R175.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R231.44
    The 12V Sealed Acid Battery allows for back-up power in the case of loss of power to the client site or high-site.

  2. Power Supply CCTV 18 Way 12VDC 20 Amp

    Dealer Excl VAT: R1,428.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R1,888.53
    This Securi-Prod PS69 is a 18 Way 20 AMP Power Distribution Box.

  3. Power Supply CCTV 9 Way 12VDC 5 Amp

    Dealer Excl VAT: R553.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R731.34
    This Securi-Prod PS64-1 is a 9 Way 5 AMP Power Distribution Box.

  4. Power Supply CCTV 9 Way 12VDC 8 Amp Power Store

    Dealer Excl VAT: R835.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R1,104.29
    This Securi-Prod PS64-3 is a 9 Way 8 AMP Power Distribution Box with battery back-up (Battery supplied separately).

  5. Power Supply CCTV 9 Way 12VDC 9 Amp

    Dealer Excl VAT: R729.00 Retail Inc. VAT: R964.10
    This Securi-Prod PS64-2 is a 9 Way 10 AMP Power Distribution Box.

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